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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Damn it! Jenny has lost her memory and she couldn’t figure out, if the man looking at her with those hot luscious eyes is really her husband or not. Stupid klutz! Jenny couldn’t help but wonders what really happened to her and how did she ends up with a bunch of macho men surrounding her around the clock. Now if you ask me, I would trade places with Jenny any day. What woman in her right mind wouldn’t want to surrounds herself with a bunch of hot looking, muscle ripping, and deliciously enticing undercover agents? And that is what Jenny Brant has gotten herself into IN THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT by Terry Spear.
Jenny Brant is an undercover agent who has lost her memory while being on a case, trying to bring down a terrorist cell. She got the look, the brain, and millions of dollars to lure the deadly and sadistic Wilson into the trap the Agency had set up for him. But when her case went sour, Allan Thompson and his team was sent in to rescue her except, they didn’t know she’s an agent, just that she’s a pawn in Wilson’s game whose about to be killed. As an alpha, Allan is used to having his way and when he got assigned to Jenny’s case, he was not happy at all. She stirred up unwanted feelings Allan had long forgotten. But there’s something about this wild woman that heat up his blood to hundreds of degrees and he can’t seem to get her out of his system.
This novel is a fast pace read filled with thrills of danger and excitement. It’s highly addictive, edgy, and sizzingly sexy.  As a longtime fan of Terry Spear, Urban Fantasy and Medieval Historical, this contemporary suspense is refreshing and a must read for sure. Don’t get me wrong, I love my UF and Historical. But to see an author like Ms Spear, stepping out of her comfort zone to write something completely different, just shows that she is multi-talented and her creativity never cease to amaze her readers. And as an avid reader of Contemporary Suspense, I love all facets of military romance so  I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s a 5/5 rating so I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about our men and women in the service.

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