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Friday, March 29, 2013

Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks

                                                                 Reviewer: Brandy Page
*Sighs* This book made me want to cry. The courage that Genevieve had to survive was beyond amazing. She is a fictional character but so empowering, it just makes me realize that we can survive anything.
Ian had fallen for Genevieve when he saw her at court. Genevieve realized there was something off about him and spurred his advances. She never gave him a second thought until she was on her way to her way to marry when she was kidnapped by Ian McHugh.
She was held at McHugh Keep for over a year. She didn’t have anyone to protect her or help her. Ian cut her face and raped her to ruin her for other men. Despite the scar on her face she is still beautiful inside and out. Out of desperation Genevieve does the unthinkable. She goads Ian into taking another woman that he had his eye on in court. She knows that Eveline’s family will come for her and they do.
Bowen Montgomery attacks McHugh keep to avenge what was done to his sister in law and he meets Genevieve, Ian’s whore who is hatted by the clan. Even with Ian and his father dead the clan still torments her. Bowen was raised to believe that a woman should be cherished and won’t put up with it. He begins to get to know Genevieve and realizes that there is more to her then being a whore. Bowen realizes that he is falling in love with her and takes her back to Montgomery keep. He also realizes that for her to be truly free he has to let her go. He sends a note behind Genevieve’s back to her family telling them that she is alive. It is then that they realize who much they love each other.

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