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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Perilous Pleasure by Patricia Watters

People ask, how do you tame a beast? But I ask, how do you tame the king of beasts? A gypsy and cat tamer, Steffan Janacek has wondered the world, performing at the most expensive carnival venues. But even the , master of beast can't escape the pull of passion and the love of a woman that was meant for him. As a new replacement at Porter's Brothers Extravaganza, Steffan is expected to bring the most defying performances to enthrall his audience. But his eyes got side tracked by the beauty of a Joanna Livingston.

A commoner, Joanna lives by her own set of rules. It's enough that her show is being replaced the arrogant, indigenous, annoying Master of Beast, but to share a courtyard with the insufferable man is more than a girl can take. However, no matter how hard she tries to ignore him, she can feel those deep, green eyes slither all over her whenever he's near. And that hard body, oh my, she'd give anything to have him on top of her, even just for one night. To rid herself of the burning needs that only he can satisfied. But with her track record, does Joanna dare to try to keep him, or will she have to give up this once in a life time love?

Bonded by love, rejected by his family, can Joanna keeps Steffan as her only love despites their differences? And can Steffan give up what and who he is for the woman who haunted his endless dreams? A woman who will brings him perilous pleasure that knows no bound and will tame the beast residing in his heart.

As this is my first time reading a novel by author Patricia Watters, I was captivated right at page 1 of the book. The allure of the story was sensual at the beginning, then when Steffan met Joanna, sparks ignited instantly between them. It's not like they hit it off right a way, but the bantering and the "playing hard to get" from Joanna was too cute not to notice. I also adore the storyline and love the fact that Steffan is a hopeless romantic. So, anyone looking for a short, funny, sweet, and happily ever after, this book is for you. The humor is delightful, the chemistry is undeniably complicated but eventful. Give this book a try, you'll like it just as much as I did.

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