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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Infinite Betrayal By Gayle Donnelly & Robin Mackenzie

This is the first book in the Infinity Series by Gayle Donnelly and Robin Mackenzie and let me reassure you all that these ladies sure know how to write a mesmerizing, sexy, dramatic & oh-so-hot novel!!! I was shocked to see this is the first book written by them because it is so well put together and everything falls into place perfectly, not to mention that these ladies sure know how to create hot characters! I literally could not put this book down from the moment I first picked it up! Mathias is the main male character, an alpha shifter and one of the Coteri species... And what a fine character he is.. *whew*  Mina is a human female, searching for her unknown father, after losing her mother unexpectedly. Mina is drawn to a small town in Germany after reading information that might lead her to find her father's identity..  Mathias is a general in the Coteri army, sent to watch over Mina by her father and he is to keep the entire existence of the Coteri species a secret from her until her father is able to meet her... Easier said then done when the Valta, mortal enemies of the Coteri, end up seeing Mina with Mathias and start digging into her identity.. Can Mathias keep the Coteri secrets and still manage to protect Mina before the evil Valta capture her? You absolutely MUST pick up this book and check out the drama, action and panty-wetting alpha males involved in this sensuously sexy first novel! 
Infinite Surrender is the next book in the series and is in the process of being finished... I can't WAIT to get ahold of it! I see nothing but an amazing career as authors for these two wonderful ladies! 
The existence of the Coteri has remained hidden for centuries…until now

He would protect her with his life…
Mathias has been ordered to protect Mina Roarke at all costs while keeping her Father’s secrets concealed.  But from the moment he sees her, the hunger he’s desperately tried to bury, roars to life.  The beast within is awakened and wants only one thing…Mina.
But when his enemies target her life, Mina and Mathias become caught in a lethal game of revenge.   To save her, Mathias must not only expose the truth…but also what lies deep within him.

She was just looking for answers….
Mina had always been told she was special. In what way, she never fully understood until her life and everything she thought she knew and believed in was turned completely upside down.
After the unexpected death of her mother, Mina finds clues about her past that trigger more questions than answers. Her quest to find those answers thrusts Mina deep into the Black Forest of Germany and into the arms of a man who tests her control…in more ways than one.  She is wrenched from her own reality into a world filled with adrenaline-charged danger, blazing sexual heat, and the answers that have been hidden her entire life.
Mina alone holds the power to change her future but when she comes face to face with ultimate betrayal, can she still trust in the one man that has captured her heart?


They reached the lantern-lined street and continued toward her hotel. Her gaze shifted to the left to take him in. Damn, he really was beautiful. She imagined wrapping her hands in his long, thick hair and pulling his mouth to hers. She shivered. What she could do to him and what she wanted him to do to her were not what she should be thinking about right now, but she couldn’t help it. His skin was alabaster white and smooth as silk. With his dark green eyes and golden brown hair, she thought he would be at least a bit tanned, but his coloring definitely worked for him. He was sex on fire. Her gaze traveled down his profile to his arms. They looked solid and extremely capable of sweeping her off her feet and throwing her across her bed. And those hands … long fingers ending in what looked to be a two-hundred-dollar manicure.
She worked her gaze back up to his face to check out that mouth again. His lower lip was plump and totally kissable. She wanted to suck it into her mouth and nibble at it with her teeth. What would he taste like? She imagined vanilla mixed with sin. Totally lost in thought, she didn’t realize he also looked at her peripherally.
Damn. Busted.
Mina covered. “I like your coat.”
His mouth formed that sideways grin again. “Thank you.”
Yeah … totally busted.
They followed the cobblestone street through the empty market area to the long multicolored row houses for some of the businesses in town. Above each door was an elaborate brass filigree hanger with a sign hanging down identifying each business. They swung in the chilled wind, making it sound like a playground swing set during recess. Strands of little twinkling lights were strung on anything that was permanent for the holiday season. The entire scene looked like the inside of a snow globe.
Finally reaching the hotel, Mathias pulled open the heavy wooden door with one hand and swept the other in front of him, bowing before her. Mina stopped in the lobby to grab her shopping bags and headed toward the stairs to her room. She turned to thank Mathias for taking her back to the hotel and almost ran into the wall that was his chest. She caught herself before placing her hands on his well-defined body and righted herself just inches away from him.
“What are you doing?” Mina blurted out, her eyes widening.
Mathias lowered his head and stared into Mina’s surprised gaze. His lips lifted into a smile. “I am, of course, escorting you to your room.”
Hand shooting up to stop him in his tracks, Mina blurted, “Um … no. Thank you but, no. I’ll be fine.” She turned and started to move up the steep steps to her desperately desired room when she felt his hand snake around her lower arm.
“Ms. Roarke, I received very specific instructions from your father. I am not to leave your side until he returns.”
Mina looked down at his hand circled around her arm. She felt his heat through her coat. There was no way she could let him walk her to her room. She was too turned-on by him and it had been way too long since she’d had a man in her bed. “Look Matty…”
“I’m sorry. Mathias. It’s been an interesting day, to say the least. I’m in Germany, they lose my luggage, I meet up with a stranger in the middle of the Black Forest and find out my father wants to meet me. To be honest, right now, I just really want to take a shower and try to relax. I don’t need you to walk me to my room. It’s right up the stairs, and again, I appreciate your kindness but this is good night.”
Mina tried to turn again to go to her room. His fingers tightened slightly and he took the first step to loom over her. He inhaled slowly as if he was getting ready to deliver an unwanted speech. Mina narrowed her eyes and raised a hand to stop him from speaking. Instead of delving into the reasons he would not be leaving her side, he reached up with his free hand and grasped Mina’s raised palm gently. He released her arm and pressed her hand between both of his as if warming it. His green eyes darkened as Mina’s mouth fell open in shock. She stopped breathing, almost as if in expectation of what he was going to do. Very slowly and deliberately, he raised her hand to his mouth.
The blood in her veins stopped flowing as her knuckles came into contact with his warm lips. His mouth remained on her hand for what seemed like hours. Her fingers instinctively curled inward and she fought the urge not to place her other hand in his hair and hold on tight. Jesus, what this man could probably do with that mouth. It might have been a while since Mina had had sex, but the flutter in her stomach reminded her she was probably due for some real quick.
Slowly removing his mouth from her hand, he took a slight nip at her skin with his teeth. Mina’s nipples immediately tightened against her shirt at the sensation. Mathias lifted his thick lashes and she met his heated gaze. His eyes were warm and inviting. He didn’t let her hand go but simply started brushing the inside of her palm with the pad of his thumb. Mina was immediately aware of the wetness pooling between her legs at the mere idea of what could happen next. She felt chilled but about to melt at the same time. No words came to her. Only a feeling of guilt mixed with the tantalizing thought of letting him touch her more. She was way too turned-on to utter a word. With her mouth still open, she just stood there and stared. His eyes were almost hypnotic. Her mind was a complete blank. All she knew was she did not want this man to let go of her hand.
She imagined he continued up the steps and led her behind him, like a lamb to slaughter. Once reaching her room, he would push her up against the door and crush his mouth to hers, sending her into oblivion. He’d lace his hands into her hair and gently tug at the curls to force her closer. She’d arch against him to get the feel of his body against hers. Warm, hard and ready. His hands would move slowly down her back to grip her ass, lifting her against him. Wrapping her legs around his hips, she’d feel the hardness of his need for her and grind herself against it. She’d moan into his mouth that she wanted him desperately. He’d magically open the door, and within seconds, he’d be on top of her, burying her in the soft down comforter on top of the bed in her room. Gently moving his hands up her sides and underneath her sweater, he’d cup her breasts and move his thumbs expertly over her already hard nipples. Throwing back her head in ecstasy, she’d beg him to take her…
Wake up Mina!She snapped out of her sexual trance to realize she had been grasping his hand hard enough to dig her short nails into his skin.
He slowly straightened his stance. Once again, she looked up into his gorgeous face. Was he smiling? Her hand still molded in his, Mina remained frozen in place. “Good night then, Mina. Sleep well.”
Mina’s hand was slowly lowered to her side and his warm palms slipped away, leaving her wondering what the hell had just happened.
Very casually, Mathias turned and walked out of the hotel, closing the door firmly behind him.
Mina remained standing on the third step with her mouth open and her gaze glued to the closed front door of the hotel. “Holy shit.”......


Review done by blogger: Vicki Rose, for several web sites, including this one.

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