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Friday, March 16, 2012

Master of Dragons by Angela Knight~

~~Nineva Morrow is a half human princess of the Sidhe, as well as the last avatar of the Goddess of Fertility, Semira. Nineva has been raised from birth to fulfill the prophecy to free her goddess from the enchanted sword she has been trapped within for centuries, and protect the Megeverse from The Dark Ones. This prophecy has haunted Nineva's nightmares for years, and every dream ends with a blue dragon incinerating her. So, needless to say when Nineva meets Kel, the blue dragon, sent by the God of dragons Cachamwri, she is terrified.... Little does she know, that the dragon haunting her nightmares, would turn out to be her soul mate, and they will have to work together to fulfill the prophecy and save the Mageverse.

~~Master of Dragons is my first adventure into Angela Knights Megeverse, however it is the 8th in the series, so it took me a little time to gather enough information to familiarize myself with the world in which Nineva and Kel are living in. That however did not limit my enjoyment of the fantastic tale that Ms Knight has woven for them. Nineva and Kel's story was definitely sexy with a lot of action both in the bedroom and out. If you have a love for Romance with a mystical and magical twist, then this is just the series for you.

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