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Sunday, March 25, 2012

~Hotter On The Edge~ Anthology

~~This fantastic anthology includes 3 novellas, Erin Kellison kicks it off with All That Glitters~~

Mica Sol is the eldest daughter of the Royal family on planet Sol. Indifferent to her family's fortune, she gained her independence by becoming a Xenobiologist; terraforming the resources, and other life forms of Sol as well as other unexplored planets. When Mica falls for lowborn Simon Minor, Drummond Sol, Micas father challenges Simon to make himself worthy of his daughter~~only to bribe Mica's way into a 6 year expedition off planet instead.....without Simon. Unfortunately while Mica is away life spirals out of control for Simon and he is cheated out of a fortune that is rightfully his. In trying to get revenge he captures a ship to help him in his plot.... however that ship just so happened to hold Mica herself....Which path will they take? Will they both lose it all...

Love love loved it!! Both Simon and Mica are such strong characters that I fell for them on introduction. The beautiful Ms Kellison has such a way with details that I felt like I was right there with them and enjoying the ride too. Now she has me itching to devour her Shadow Series.

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*The Next heart thumping Novella in this anthology is To Buy a Wife~ by KC Klein

In a world were women are few only the very rich can afford a wife, and men are not allowed to hold land unless they have a wife.. Hudson Land finds himself desperate to buy one in order to keep the land that has belonged to his family for generations. When complications keep him from reaching the auction in time he finds himself witnessing the rare execution of two women only to find himself mesmerized into buying one of them… and that’s when the trouble begins for she is with the rebellion~~ Can Hudson gain her trust and keep his farm safe from the Elders…

Great read! The lovely Ms Klein gracefully pulls us into a believable world into a future that would horrify all of womankind. I felt for the travails of both main characters and the conflict between what the two needed to survive in their world kept me turning the pages to see how the would manage it. With this enticing taste of Ms Klein’s writing I find myself intrigued by her newest book Dark Future.

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*In grand finally style Jessa Slade takes us to another word with Enslave by Starlight

When Captain Corso Deynah’s sheership is hacked by the entrancing Benedetta Galil beseeching him to save her planet~ he refuses… flatly….even when she offers herself, the only unmated L’auraly alive as payment. Now desperate to save not only her planet, but the freedom of all from being controlled by the magic crystals only her planet produces; she threatens the only thing Captain Deynah cares about… his ship. Now Captain Deynah must find a way to stop those that would use the powerful crystals to steal the minds of all from obtaining them and destroying the L’auraly’s planet. Can the captain resist the charms of the beautiful L’auraly and return to his solitary existence or will his world be turned upside down…

Sexy, steamy, and action packed, this novella will knock you off your feet! The fantastic Jessa Slade masterfully weaves romance and action into the lives of Corso and Benedetta~~ and pulls it off with a flourish! In my hot little hands I have the latest installment of Jessa’s The Marked Souls series in which I cannot wait to dive into~

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