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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dark Destiny by Amanda Skye

Dark Destiny was an enjoyable read that mixed vampires in with an extra element of demons and the mystery Symbian race.   

The story starts with the strong and determined Amanda entering the night club owned by sexy vampire Damien. Dressed in black knee high four inch boots and short black skirt her allure is too much for Damien.  Trying not to notice as she nears two demons he turns away, but the vision of her long blonde hair gets the better of him as he races to drag her away from her would be kidnappers and changing her life forever.  

The adventure continues as Amanda searches for her missing sister that had brought her into Damien’s world to begin with.  Amanda’s blood calls to all vampires and demons as she is part Symbian.  Adopted as a baby she never knew her biological parents and it’s during the journey of finding her sister that her parents find her and she learns she is half Symbian and half Demon.

Fighting the rising lust between them, Amanda and Damien risk their own life to save the other.  Finally embracing her true self, Amanda is able to defeat her sisters’ kidnapper and finally be joined with Damien forever.

A great read for any vampire lover.

Amanda can be found on the website linked below where you can read Dark Destiny along with other books she has written.


Damien Lafavre is enchanted by a beautiful young female that is practically thrust into his life after being attacked in his club. In search of her sister, Amanda is being hunted by demons and Damien finds himself doing everything in his power to keep her safe and to help find her sister.
A passion soon ignites that neither of them can deny.

Amanda Skye - Dark Destiny

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