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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crack the Whip : Rawhide Series by Desiree Holt

Crack the Whip, Desiree Holt’s first book in the Rawhide series is everything you have come to expect from this wonderful author. The first page has you sliding into a haze of visual pleasure and continues throughout the book.  If you like your books with a little kink, this is a great read.

Reece and Katie have known each other for a life time, once lovers and preparing to marry.  They had a relationship that should have lasted forever until one night Reese openly discusses wanting to share with Katie his newly discovered passion for BDSM which leaves her running.

Their paths cross many years later under similar circumstances.  The sexy cowboy Reese now owns the local BDSM night club, Rawhide and the gorgeous Katie has returned from Atlanta where she had allowed her curiosity to lead her into the BDSM world and applying for the position as the manager of Rawhide.

Instant memories surface as they both fight to keep their emotions and lustful hunger for each other in place.  As the weeks progress they test boundaries of trust and control giving over to the ultimate trust and proving how far they will go for love.  

Curling up with a glass of wine with the fire blazing beside me was the perfect atmosphere for reading this book!  Don’t forget to check out all the other titles from Desiree Holt


“So maybe if you tell me how it happened, I’ll answer your question about me.”
“Fair enough.” He set his cup back in the saucer. “Remember Chad Willoughby, my college roommate?”
Katie nodded.
“Chad’s brother was into the life big time. When Chad graduated from law school, he got Chad a guest pass at the private fetish club he belonged to and said he could bring a friend.” He looked down. “I’d…been to a club twice before when we were together. But never did any more than watch,” he added quickly. “That’s when I brought everything up to you. I was fascinated with the lifestyle and wanted us to try some of these things together.” His grin was rueful. “My idea didn’t work out so well, as I remember.”
“No. It didn’t.” If only she hadn’t reacted so badly. “So what happened at the club?
“It seemed I was finally going to experience the things I’d only fantasized about. Chad’s brother arranged for each of us to have a sub for the evening along with a trained instructor.” He paused to sip more coffee.
“And?” she prompted.
“To be blunt about it, I discovered a desire for it I didn’t even know I had. It was the most explosive night I’d ever had sexually. And that’s taking nothing away from what you and I had together.”
“But you wanted more.” Oh, she was sure of that. She felt a trap opening, yawning like a big hole before her. “On a regular basis.”
“I did. A lot more. And more often. I for sure couldn’t look for action anywhere around the Hill Country. You know how conservative the ranching community is. Not even my brothers know about my…preferences.”
Katie gave him a quizzical look. “So what did you do?”
“Joined the club in Tampa Chad’s brother took us to. They have an arrangement for guest privileges in other clubs around the country. I…took a lot of business trips.” He stopped to take another swallow of coffee.
“Your brothers didn’t ask questions?”
He shook his head. “I timed my trips to coincide with legitimate business. Conventions. Meetings. Whatever.” His eyes raked over her face possessively. “But here’s the plain truth. I really wanted you, Katie. I wanted it all. You and the life.”
“Which is what led to the scene in our hotel room.” When she so childishly ran away. It wasn’t just the things themselves he was proposing. It was the total implication, the fear that she could lose herself in him completely. A very dangerous edge.
He grinned. “Yeah. That was some scene. I still remember how you looked, spread out…”
“Stop.” She held up her hand. “That’s not what I meant. Can we stick to the conversation at hand?”
The look he gave her nearly incinerated her dress. “Afraid to talk about it, sugar?”

Desiree Holt - Crack the Whip

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