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Friday, March 30, 2012

~~Eternal Captive-by Laura Wright~~

~~When Bronwyn Kettler’s sister dies from the strain of carrying the twin balas(babies) of the breeding male, Bron swears to do everything in her power to keep herself from the same fate. So she mates her best friend hoping to sever the draw Lucian Roman (the presumed next breeding male) has over her, ever since he saved her life by letting her drink from him. But her plan goes awry when she is stolen by Cruen, a rogue Order member, so that he can use her to turn Lucian into the breeding male she so fears. Lucien is desperate to keep from becoming the mindless animal of the breeding male he so abhors, and tries to keep away from Bronwyn knowing that the union could have the disastrous affect of turning him. But when Bronwyn is stolen he cannot help the need to find her and assure her safety…. Even if it means his own sanity.

~~Wow O wowza! This book is a drug and I want some more! The fantastic Mrs. Laura Wright has created an original twist on the classic vampire and does it with incredible panache! Eternal captive is the 3rd, well 3rd and a half… thanks to Gray’s novella… in her Mark Of The Vampire series. While it could definitely be a stand alone book… you’ll find that there is no way you will be able to resist hunting down the others and counting down the weeks till Eternal Beast hits book stores in August. Five stars for sure!

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