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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

5/5 Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire by Sara Humphreys

The Good, The Bad, The Vampire is the fourth book in the Dead in the City series by the talented Sara Humphreys.  I have read all four in this season and have loved each one as much as the last one.  They are funny, entertaining and have enough action and suspense to sustain you throughout the whole story.

Dakota Shelton is the sexy resident vampire who is old fashioned but still knows how to protect those he loves.  Trixie LaRoux is the punk rock chick who wants nothing but to have a good time and not to grow old next to someone in matching rocking chairs.

Dakota tries to woo Trixie the old fashion way because at heart that’s what he is, old fashioned.  Trixie wants nothing to do his charming ways even if she has to admit he is yummy and would like nothing more than to sink her teeth in to him.  Dakota comes across as a confident person, but that’s part of her facade to hide the inner truth that she has a huge past that she doesn’t want to blow up in her face.

When danger lurks and starts to surround Trixie's past in the form of her daughter its up to both Dakota and Trixie to keep her daughter safe.  Dakota might come across as sweet to some but when someone makes the wrong move and threatens someone he loves he will show you just how fierce he really is.

I loved watching the dynamics of this story and how each inner storyline made the main one grow into such a complete story. I loved the independence from Trixie and how brave she was.  She loved her daughter and never wanted to give her up so was always keeping an eye on her and then you have Dakota.  He is a dream!!  He is protective, sexy and just a general all-rounder old fashioned guy.

Grab your copy today so you can immerse yourself in this story about friendship, love, family, and the struggle. It will make you ponder what true love and soulmate really means.

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