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Friday, January 15, 2016

4/5 Review: Vampire Hunter by Victoria Danann

Vampire Hunter is the first book I’ve ever read by Victoria Danann, and it’s so good that I could read over and over again. Not to mention, I'm now tempted to get all of her backlist. I was expecting your average vampire book and this is anything but. Coming from Ram’s POV, the details gave me insight into the life of a young Ram and shape-shifted into the man he has become as a Black Swan member. When discussing geographical location and a fan of men in kilts & leprechaun, I thoroughly enjoyed the Irish narrative the author included. It showed Ram’s character was well researched and developed. It made me feel like I was right inside the story watching from afar. Another kudo to the story is the humor and quick wit. I laughed and smiled throughout the book, and feel that I was just steadily going along with Ram and his rambunctious friends.

Overall, Vampire Hunter was beautifully written and fresh. I enjoyed all the characters and now looking forward to reading My Familiar Stranger so I can immense myself in the world of the Black Swan. Definitely a great addition to the Black Swan series and I’d recommend it to all my fellow bookworms.

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