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Friday, January 22, 2016

4/5 Review: His Kind of Trouble by Terri L. Austin

"Oh, Miss Prim likes it rough, does she?"
"Yes." With every twist of his fingers, a hot spark shot straight through her. It was almost unbearable. The desert wind whipped around the car, causing it to shudder. She shuddered right along with it.
Monica Campbell may have a history as a wild child, but she's changed her ways. She's respectable, responsible-and, most importantly, she's sworn off bad boys. That is, until Callum Hughes roars back into her life with his sexy British accent and killer smile.
Cal remembers every steamy moment he shared with Monica, but he barely recognizes the straight-laced woman she's become. Determined to lure Monica into letting go of her inhibitions, Cal will use every trick he knows to fire her blood and tempt her body...reminding her
just how good it can feel to be bad-and his.


Cal and Monica meet again after their first wild hot encounter.  Back then Monica was a wild child but now she is on the road to self discovery. She wants to do well in the charity honoring her mother. She scared to gety back with Cal because he's always off and running and she wants a stable life now.

Cal the sexy rich jet setter with the British accent wants to get back together with her now. He is big on his work and manages his family.

After the years apart and the changes will they be able to become a couple? This book is well written with great backgrounds, sexy scenes, funny, believable and the characters are well described. Great easy reading.

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