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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

3/5 Review: My Lord Immortality by Alexandra Ivy

In this mesmerizing tale from the author of the Guardians of Eternity series, a traitorous vampire is determined to destroy the Veil that has long separated vampires from human blood--and the passions it ignites. Only the Immortal Rogues, three vampires charged to protect their kind, can hope to stop his deadly rampage. . .

Amelia Hadwell has no time for London's nightlife. Not when her beloved brother's odd ways have their family threatening to institutionalize him. And not when she is questioning her own sanity after being confronted by a murderous shadow creature--then being saved by a captivating stranger, a man who belongs to a world she cannot imagine.

Reserved and scholarly, Sebastian St. Ives has been content without human desires--until they are reawakened by the delicate, brave Amelia, whom he is meant to protect. For the young woman has no idea she possesses the key to a ravenous vampire's dark victory. Now Sebastian must shield her from both a killer and his own growing attraction--or bond with her completely, and forever. . .


My Lord Immortality is the third in the Immortal Rogues series and is a reprint with the author's real name on the new cover. This is a Paranormal/Historical Romance that is actually pretty clean and only slightly violent. This series seems to be a prequel to Ms. Ivy's Guardians of Eternity series.

Before getting further in my review, I feel it necessary to note that it wasn't until after I started reading My Lord Immortality, that I discovered 1) the book is a reissue, 2) it is the third story in a trilogy and 3) this trilogy is the precursor to a much larger, fuller series by Ms. Ivy. Knowing this, and having read this story, I would not recommend anyone pick up this book on its own merits. Although I had no trouble following along, and the plot could be read as a stand alone, I never felt any real attachment to the characters or the overall story.

A very enjoyable read. Well-written, smooth-flowing with well-fleshed characters and an interesting plot. I loved the idea of vampires retreating behind the Veil and then the Veil being in jeopardy. Sebastian was too arrogant for my liking, but I love seeing an arrogant man being brought down later by the heroine. I really liked Amelia. She was intelligent, not easily fooled and a survivor. This does feel more like a historical romance and does not compare to her paranormal romance series Guardians of Eternity. Seems to have been written before sex was part of the romance scene. So for me this was not a must read.

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