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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

5/5 Review: The Wedding Sisters by Jamie Brenner

As with Jamie Brenner's previous books, the style is so engaging that I just didn't really care where the plot was going. She can spend pages and pages describing the decorating scheme for a foyer and somehow make it compelling, at least to anyone who loves decorating, antiques, and old houses. I love the relationships in Meryl Becker life, particularly with her daughters. The story is light- funny and we laughed out loud with some of the antics of the main character. It is also filled with very descriptive elements of the daughters lives.

The story is fresh and funny, and it was so much more. It’s always been a mother’s dream to see her daughter get married but what happens when all three of her daughters find themselves getting engaged around the same time to prominent males. We know things can so wrong with one wedding, can you imagine what situations can happen with three weddings?

This is a story of family and history and forgiveness and most of all love. We learn so much about this family's life
Mary goes through life on a superficial level with her inner most thoughts never expressed to anyone. She is honest with those she loves, but she does not share her entire self. And eventually her inner most thoughts appear and create havoc in the lives of several people.

This is a well developed plot, and the characters are complete people. For any reader who wants a story of life and difficult situations which must be faced, this is a book you will enjoy. Ms. Brenner has a way with a story and I recommend this book to all readers who love to be immersed in a story.

I did not find this a fun, light read, which is what I though from the blurb, there is lots of drama and emotions in the telling of this this story. This is the story about family, love and life and how things never really go as planned. I highly recommend this book.

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