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Monday, June 20, 2016

5/5 Review: Trouble Maker by Liliana Hart

Marnie Whitlock grew up in a home with an extremely abusive father and a mother who was submissive and sat back while he beat their daughter. Marnie was known as the trash of the town. She did have one advantage, being able to see visions of the future. After spending the one of the best evenings she's ever had with the boy of her dreams; her father catches them being intimate together. Her father grabs her and forces her to go with him. Beckett Hamilton tries to stand up to him and in returns only gets beat on himself. Marnie's father gives her a severe beating on the way home because she won't give him the little money she has saved up to use to get away from him after high school. He leaves her for dead in the road after she sees a vision of him dying that night. She was right, he died along with her mother in a fiery crash while fleeing from the cops after murdering someone that night.

Fast forward fifteen years. She moves back to surrender Montana after spending time in foster care then travel around the USA taking photos. She left her boyfriend that had forced her into a controlling relationship where he claims he owns her and her photographs. She could be with someone that had similar actions of her father. Marnie opens up a studio in town and starts getting back on track with her life and the things she loves.

Beckett runs the family ranch and could never settle down with anyone. His heart belonged to Marnie. When he hears she's back in town he has to go see her. He asks her every day to go on a date with him, but she turns him down every time. Then it happens, she can't resist him anymore. Even after one of Beckett's ex flames threatens her if she gets involved with him. They find love in each other.

Everything is going great until Marnie's ex Clive calls and says he's coming to get her and bring what is rightfully his back with him. Marnie panics and doesn't tell Beckett. A few days later Marnie runs into Clive. He was waiting for her at her studio. He grabs her and tries to force her to come with him. Beckett shows up and steps in. Clive threatens them to get his way. Turns out Clive knows a powerful man and he tries to threaten them, little does he know that man is Beckett's uncle.

I just love it when people like Clive get what they deserve. I was happy when Marnie and Beckett could finally be together. Nothing or no one could keep them from being together in the end of this story.

I loved this book. It kept my interest from page one. My heart broke for Marnie as a child. No child should ever have to suffer from abuse from someone that is supposed to love them. I'm happy for Marnie. Some abuse stories don't have a happy ending, but hers did. This book had very steamy sex scenes! Full of passion and heat. Overall it was a great read.

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