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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

4/5 Review: EXCLUSIVE - Eden Bradley, Jaci Burton, Lisa Renee Jones

EXCLUSIVE contains three never before published novellas tantalizes the imagination with erotic romance. The three authors are known as the queens of erotic romance and man oh man do these ladies know how to start a fire. These authors make you want to jump into this erotic and sensual world, to the point you’re practically begging for it.

Sanctuary by Eden Bradley
This story is about an innocent woman who decides to venture into a dungeon of a private club just to get a taste of the exotic life she has read and heard much about. Devin the main female character is pushed beyond her means when it comes to entering this club. So much so that she pushes herself into continuing on the path she is on even though she is scared out of her mind.

Wild Night by Jaci Burton
This story is about an owner of a swinger’s club that ignores her own rule of keeping her hands off the customers when a newcomer joins in on the fun. Grace’s baby is her club and the employees that work for her. She plays from time to time but never really has that special someone she can call her own. Mike walks into the club determined to crack the code of the mysterious, sexy club owner one way or another.

Purple Magic by Lisa Renee Jone
Within the final story of this book, it is about a courageous woman in search of a friend of hers within the hedonistic world of Manhattan’s underground nightspots. Jolene needed to find her roommate, and was willing to do anything to get her back. However, Drago has other plans for Jolene and wants to keep her safe. These two team up and eventually find everything they are looking for and more.

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