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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

4/5 Review: TEASED by Rebecca Zanetti

Chalton Reese is one of the Realm’s deadliest assassin. He went from war and death to technology, reason and strategy. He uses his mind and fingers to save lives instead of using a sword. Now the King of Vampires has sent Chalton on a mission to hunt down a female that has information that could destroy the Realm.

Olivia has decided to forgo relationships with metro-sexuals and dig deep into a good story. She is determined and focused to unlock the truth. Her instincts start to kick in when proprietary information goes missing. Olivia has a mind that matches Chalton’s and it will be a passion between them or their own enemy that could destroy them. She has to trust in him in order to have a chance to survive the danger that is coming after them.

Oh…My…Goodness!!!! When I first started reading this book all I thought was “Not another vampire love story” However my mind was changed as I read more and more into this storyline. There is a deep sense of danger and excitement. You wonder what you would do if you were in Olivia’s shoes and found out about vampires, or be in Chalton’s shoes where he has to protect this secret. Rebecca Zanetti is an incredible writer and has a very active imagination. I would recommend this book to anyone.

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