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Monday, June 20, 2016

5/5 Review: Delta: Rescue by Cristin Harber

Luke Brenner has a deep personally reason for joining a task force to help shut down sex traffickers. He wants to find the people responsible for taking his girlfriend and turning her into a sex slave. He knows there is no way she could possibly be alive, but he vows to save as many girls from that horrific fate as he can.

Madeleine (Maddy) Mercier is the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the sex trafficking world. She grew up around the business and knows no other way. Maddy hates what the company her father runs does. She helps as many of the girls escape as she can without drawing attention to herself. She buys the girls and sets them up with a new identity so they can be free. She wants to take her father down and end this. Her father is a powerful man and it makes it hard for her to go to the police. She's unsure about who she can trust.

Luke first sets eyes on Maddy during a raid connected to the trafficking ring. He thinks she's one of the girls that's about to be sold until she escapes his clutches. He feels an attraction to her. She's one of the most beautiful women he's ever seen. As the task force gets closer to catching Maddy's father he can't help the feeling of desire for her.

Luke and Maddy end up running into each other a couple more times. The passion they share is felt by both of them. So much so that he has to have her. They end up at one of her safe locations. Everything is going well until she tells him she has never been with a man or even kissed! Luke thinks she's lying to him and trying to trick him. He takes off leaving her lying there aching for him to touch her. How can he trust the daughter of that terrible nan?

Turns out she's telling the truth. When they finally get together it was hot. He was so gently with her since it was her first time. Luke's boss thinks his feelings for her is clouding his judgement on their mission. Maddy decides that she can trust Luke and his team to help take her father down once and for all. They meet up and she briefs them on everything she knows. A deal is about to go down when the task force is able to step in and make their move. Maddy's father is going away for a long time along with his company.

I enjoyed this book. It was full of action and passion. You could really feel the Sparks between Luke and Maddy when they were together. The only thing that I didn't care for was the ending. I felt like it was rushed. There was no explanation about what was going on with the takedown. They say Maddy explained the operations and things like that. The next thing you know they are in a warehouse surrounded by Luke and his men. Maddy shows up, her father shows up, and the guy they are making the deal. Next thing you know everyone is in cuffs. I was just hoping for a little more action for that scene. Overall, it was a good read!

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