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Monday, October 19, 2015

5/5 Review: Wicked Lies by Lora Leigh

Wicked Lies is the second story in the Men of Summer series by Lora Leigh.  If you have loved her previous books, this will be no exception.

On the run for ten years, our heroine of the story is a 26 years old Annie.  For the previous two years she has resided in Loudoun, Tennessee which happens to be her family home town.  She moved there hoping that if she hides right under the nose of those wanting her dead, she will have a better chance of staying hidden.  This has been going great until her brother decided to interfere.

Cord Maddox investigates everything, and when the local school teacher falls under his radar and his findings lead him to lies, he starts investigating her fully.  He brings in his equally hot and sexy brothers (best friends) into the fold, hoping they can help unearth what Annie is hiding.

Bringing Jazz into this scenario has life altering effects.  There is something about Annie that Jazz finds both familiar and undeniably frustrating.  He knows she is watching him.  He knows she senses he watches her.  They flirt and tease but she closes up as soon as he gets close.

The little game they play changes when she has a very close call on her life, and Jazz finally confronts Annie about what and who she is hiding from.  As soon as things click into place there is no way the onslaught of emotions can be stopped.

From mountain men a,k.a family that is run like the mafia, sexy men, cute puppies and feisty women, this book has it all.  Spoiler: we even get a glimpse of the third book which I love reading at the end of the book.

If you haven't rush out to obtain a copy of Wicked Lies, you should do so to add to your stellar collection of Ms Leigh's amazing novels. Lora Leigh knows romance and her stories amplify intense emotion in readers!

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