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Saturday, October 3, 2015

5/5 Review: Chase The Darkness by J.D Tyler

Believed dead by his Pack mates, Micah Chase, a wolf shifter and Dreamwalker, was held captive for months, subject to tortures that left him physically scarred and emotionally unsettled.

Now under the care of the Alpha Pack’s doctors, he’s been prescribed an experimental healing drug, but he still can’t shake the nightmares. Even more damning is that Micah’s problems pose a danger to his team, and if he doesn’t get himself under control, they’ll all suffer a terrible fate.

There is a key to his salvation. Jacee is a beautiful coyote shifter, and though her kind is hated, she’s falling in love with a man whose very future is in her hands. Together they’ll face his personal demons as well as a deadly enemy—and for both of them desire has never come with such risk.


This book was exactly what I needed. Who doesn't love a good book about a bunch of hunky shifters, right? The Alpha Pack was the best part about Chase the Darkness, hands down. I was thrilled when I thought it was just five or six guys who can change into massive wolves. But, J.D. Tyler surprised me by adding extra powers on top of that. Like, one of the guys can call up fire with his hands. Another can see glimpses of the future. I loved this unique twist on your run-of-the-mill werewolves. The Alpha Pack has quickly become one of my favorite shifter series! The characters are all unique, interesting and sexy in their own way. The world and how it integrates shifters that have certain special abilities is fantastic.

Did I mention that the shifters aren't the only supernatural creatures in this world? There are lots them in Chase the Darkness, and I love that even the characters in the story don't know all about them or what all is out there in the world. It's like, they are discovering these races along with the reader, so that was pretty cool. We became most familiar with a fae prince, a gremlin and a sorcerer. And, the way that they were all introduced to the storyline was creative and fit in with the rest of the story. Love the action scenes and all the secondary characters including the other beings. With a good ending I look forward to see how this series plays out.

Jacee is a coyote shifter all alone since her pack was killed (so you think),and is misunderstood. I loved her, she is strong, beautiful on the inside and out. When Micah and Jacee meet they both feel the mate connection, and you feel that connection through the whole book. She's tough and loyal to her mate. I also liked that Jacee and Micah never questioned their immediate attraction to each other. She is an amazing female lead and I thought her voice and actions were really genuine. The chemistry between the two was intense, beautiful, with moments of innocence. It made me smile.

I was captured immediately by the opening to this book. It kept my attention to the very end. I found the characters very interesting and believable considering the circumstances in which they found themselves. This book concluded its story but did leave threads to the next book in the series. There are a lot of surprises in store for the reader. This book does have a strong sexual theme; however, it is appropriate for the story line. I will read the next book in this series. The pacing of the novel was smooth. When the romance kick's in, it is sexy and the sexual tension is hot. The chemistry between Micah and Jacee was SMOKING HOT and you will find yourself rooting for them to be happy.

I highly recommend Chase the Darkness and the entire An Alpha Pack Series to all readers!

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  1. I adore this series, and one of the best paranormal series I have ever read. What I love most about it is that characters and the various talents they each have and they fight different paranormal creatures. Great review.