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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Review: The Last True Vamp by Kate Baxter

This book was by far one of the best vamp books I have ever read.  It took me through so many emotions.  A true paranormal romance with great characters.

Mikhails is an ancient one and the last true vamp.  He is a true alpha male.  He is with out a doubt one bad ass.

Claire is a waitress and struggles to get by. She hustles to make ends meet.

One evening Her entire life changes.  Michael aka Mikhails, spots her and is immediately taken.  His soul has returned and he simply cannot let her get away.  She is scared and cannot believe what is happening.
Want, need, hunger, desire, and lust are all Michael sees and feels.  He can finally serve his people the way he is meant to.
Claire runs from him and in return makes them both miserable.
With he battle raging within the vamp world, Michael must ensure that Claire is safe.

Will they out survive this battle?  Can Claire trust him?

You will definitely want to read this book if you are a vamp fans.

One bad ass alpha male and a human female that is just as kickass.

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