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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Review: The Accidental Dragon by Dakota Cassidy

After reading this story, I have now becomes hooked to this series. It has an action packed story line with just enough touch of romance to make this book sizzle. I mean, who wouldn’t love watching a strong, sexy firefighter turn into a magical, powerful dragon? Then to turn into one yourself? Come on, I wish my life became as exciting as Mick and Tessa’s did after he accidentally ingests something to make him become a dragon, then because of their romantic connect she becomes one too. There were so many twists to this story I was always making a shocked noise or face when something I didn’t expect to happen did. It was so bad, one of our reviewers asked to borrow the book so she could read it for pleasure after I was done. Dakota Cassidy is an amazing writer with a very vivid imagination. Cannot wait to read the other books of this series and seeing how other’s stories play out. 

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