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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Review: Darkest Highlander by Donna Grant

This is the last book in the Dark Sword series and this was Sonya and Broc's story.  It stands okay on its own however I wish I had read the entire series in order.  The book is wonderful but I feel I missed some of the back story on Broc and Sonya.

Broc has been watching Sonya from afar for a very long time.  I understand that Sonya’s sister Anice died at the end of book 5 and Sonya was unable to save her.  The book opens with her trying to outrun a wolf.  For some reason Sonya’s magic is gone and she doesn’t know how she will be able to help anyone without it.

Broc realizes that Sonya is missing and goes to find her and bring her home.

The story has many twists and turns and keeps you guessing as to whom the good guys and the bad guys are. Ms. Grants writing is wonderful, her characters strong and well defined.  I do believe I will be going back and reading the entire series to give me a better understanding of the peripheral characters in this book.  I feel some of their stories were told in previous books.
If you are looking for a great paranormal romance, that has wonderful relationships and a bit of mystery, I would recommend if not the book the series in order.

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