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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Review: Cold Deception by D. B. Tait

Cold Deception is the story of Julia Taylor - when she was 20 she was sent to prison for murdering a pedophile.  She plead guilty to protect her family, or so she thought.  Now, 10 years later and she is home, living with her family.  Julia knows things that someone would rather her keep quiet about.  Did she really commit the murder or is she covering for someone close to her?  Ms. Tait spins a great tale about secrets and they way they have a mind of their own when you least expect the truth to come out.

Julie meets a local police detective who seems to take a more then innocent liking to her.  Can Julie and Dylan find their way through the lies and the evil people that are lurking in the dark?  It is definitely a ride to the end. 

It did take me a few chapters to get comfortable the book is a bit out of my comfort zone, however once I was hooked and had to find out who did it! What seems like a pastoral place actually has evil coming out of the cracks.  

If you like mystery, intrigue and a bit of romance, this one is definitely worth the time.

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