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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Review: Falling Fast by Tina Wainscott

Falling Fast by Tina Wainscott is a second chance romance, it’s full of emotion, love, and has a bit of mystery thrown in. Ms. Wainscott – weaves a wonderful poignant story.

Mia and Raleigh, were each other’s first loves – Raleigh a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, his mother dead and his father an alcoholic – he moved out on his own at 15 and started working at a garage. Mia – a girl from the money, had recently recovered from cancer and when she saw Raleigh bopping away under a car, her heart skipped a beat and they become inseparable.

Their relationship as teenagers ended with a crash (literally!). Mia – burned and broken is in the hospital and Raleigh is sent to jail for racing among other things. Flash forward 7 years. Mia is back in town to bury your Grandmother. A Grandmother that took Raleigh in and loved him as he loved her. Fate brings them back together – can they overcome the past and Mia’s parents (whom I wanted to take to the tool shed and whip a few times!)? The mystery that is woven through the story is amazing and could very well threaten not only their future but their present.

Falling Fast is a lovely tale of lost love, finding your way back to your soul mate. It is done with style and grace. The story will pull you in and keep you turning pages just to see what happens. And believe that in fact your first love could be the love that will stand the times – together or apart. If you are looking for a contemporary second chance romance with a mystery thrown in, Falling Fast is well worth it!

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