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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review: A Winter Wedding by Amanda Forester

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This adventurous duke...
The Duke of Marchford requires a suitable bride, but catching spies for the Foreign Office takes up most of his time. Not wanting to face another London season as an eligible man, he employs the notorious Madame X to find him a match.
Has met his match
Miss Penelope Rose knows the rules of marriage among members of the ton better than most. Her own unsuccessful attempts at matrimony did not stop her from becoming London's most exclusive matchmaker. Marchford proves to be a difficult client, but as he draws on her social expertise to help him flush out a dangerous traitor, they find that falling in love may be the riskiest adventure of all.

This is the kind of Regency romance I love to read and I cannot say thank you enough to this fabulous author!  You know how sometimes all you really want is a book that leaves you smiling, well this is one of those stories. Miss Penelope Rose is a fantastic heroine, she's so intelligent and so strong and yet at the heart of it all she is a young woman in love and who cannot relate to that? The Duke of Marchford is a formidable man who Penelope believes is far above her reach when it comes to romance but that doesn't mean she cannot help him out where and when he needs it. I love that their relationship is already so solid and yet neither one seems to notice until they delve further into the mystery. The interaction between the two is just so authentic and the historic details and descriptions enhance the authenticity. The supporting characters add a depth to the story and provide insight into the lead couple while advancing the story without forcing anything. What a fantastic Sunday afternoon read and I'm looking forward to reading many more by this talented author.

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