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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review: Behind The Scandal by M.A. Stacie

Sent to the family ranch to overcome his addiction, Taylor Reese is angry and hurt. Feeling rejected by his father and brother, Taylor throws himself into ranch life to help him forget.  He struggles with his addiction though refuses help.  However, it isn't long before the stark realization of how much his life has spiraled out of control hits him hard.  He begins to question every aspect of his life, the confusion leaving him floundering and looking for something, or someone, to cling to.

Libby Karlin is cautious, wary of Taylor's presence.  His brutal honesty and lack of respect claw at her composure.  Her dark past makes her reluctant to let anyone near her family, but when Taylor strikes up a friendship with her son, Libby finds herself drawn to the sadness within him.. His experiences are no secret to her.  She sees where his world turned upside down and offers him a helping hand.  Her own secrets stay buried, locked away until a knock on her door has her gasping for breath.

Libby's fear paralyzes her as she comes face to face with her demons.  Knowing she couldn't hide forever doesn't help her situation yet determined to stay strong, she battles for a way out.

Could dealing with their past really give them a future?

I thought that M.A. Stacie was terrific in her novel of drug addiction, abuse and overcoming horrible obstacles.  The compassion shown in helping people instead of ignoring them is a lesson many need to know.

I really enjoyed how Taylor fought off his addiction and became friends with Libby's son, even though he wasn't used to children and was going through his own hell.  Libby let in Taylor even though her past made it hard for her to trust again. Then she was willing to do everything to keep her son safe.

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