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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Review: Apart At The Seams by Melissa Ford

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Readers met and loved Arianna Quinn in Life from Scratch and again in Measure of Love, where she was the loyal best girlfriend every woman wants. Yet even then, Arianna's sensible single life hid a not-so-sensible secret--she was falling for her best friend's brother. Now, in Apart at the Seams, Arianna faces choices she never expected...

She had Mr. Right all sewn up, until Mr. Wonderful came along. Ethan is smart, funny, kind, gentle, great with Beckett, Arianna Quinn's toddler son, a fantastic lover, and finally ready to settle down to a teaching job in Manhattan after years of nomadic work as a freelance photographer.  Plus he's the brother of Arianna's matchmaking best friend, Rachel.

He's a truly special man, and the time seems right for him to move in to Arianna's apartment. But then he utters the "m" word.  Mariiage. Even knowing that Arianna never wants to walk down the aisle.

Arianna is on the verge of a promotion at her fashion industry job.  Suddenly her career is the central focus of her life--and into that focus walks Noah, a worldly, funny, sophisticated and very successful writer for an award-winning television show. Their instant rapport leads to a design opportunity for Arianna and a friendship that slowly threatens the nomds she and Ethan hold dear.

I thought the book was very well written with lots of humor, romance and information about the fashion industry. This is great to read and learn about the fashion industry and all the struggles and rewards for all the hard work involved.  Also the personal struggle with which man would be best for her and her son is well written and believable.  I am now going to read the authors other books.

The parts I liked best were showing the fashion industry and how the different jobs are done and interact with each other. Also the struggle to get ahead.  The funny times when Adrianna met Noah and their blossoming friendship were great.  Also the actions of her young child were sweet.

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