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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Review: Caroline's Secret by Amy Lillard

Dear Mamm,

Words cannot tell you how sorry I am for the shame I have brought upon our family.  I never meant any harm, and yet I fell into the temptations that the elders have warned about time and time again. I listened to my foolish heart instead of the teachings of the church. A valuable lesson learned, but too late, for sure. You will never know how much I regret my decisions.

I am writing to let you know that I am safe. I had thought I'd make it all the way to Colorado and the new settlements there that I've Benn reading about, but I got sick after only half the journey. I guess the rocking of the bus and traveling so fast was more than my poor stomach could take. I got off in Oklahoma, fully intending to continue on when I felt stronger, but now that I am here, I think I might stay for a while. I have met a really nice woman. She's Plain like us, but different. She is Beachy Amish, but different than I expected. It’s hard to explain, and I will try to do so in my next letter.  But for now I must close. It's late and I have to get up early to help Esther in the bakery.

 I hope that one day, Dat can forgive me for what I have done.  In the meantime, please tell him that I am sorry and that I love him. I never meant to hurt either of you.


I loved this first book in the Wells Landing series. It gives lots of insight into the Amish world, the strong beliefs and the emotions and consequences of straying.  The great strength it took for Caroline to move a long way from home and her restricted life was amazingly told.  There was also lots of humorous times that were done to try to help her and Andrew get together.

This was a great story that kept me glued to the book, just waiting to see what happened next.  Caroline was amazing to be able to move so far away and then start up with strangers and a child to raise.  The struggle between her Childs father and her Andrew was very emotional and had me hoping for the best for her. I liked the different Amish traditions that were explained; that was like a history lesson, but in a very easy to read way.

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