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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Review: Trapped at the Altar by Jane Feather

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Ariadne Carfax has vowed to be with the man she loves, Gabriel Fawcett. There’s just one obstacle. On his deathbed, Ari’s grandfather decrees that she marry her childhood friend Ivor Chalfont, thus forging a powerful alliance between the two warring families. Giving Ari no time to protest, the elders plan her wedding the next day, forcing her to follow through on the nuptials. Though she is fond of Ivor, Ari has no intention of consummating their marriage—until he kindles an intoxicating desire that she can’t ignore. Ivor has loved Ari for years, but he doesn’t want an unwilling wife. He wants Ari to ache with the same irresistible longing he feels. And if that’s the way to woo her into his bed and into their new life, he won’t rest until his new bride surrenders to true love.

This is a stately story that travels from the secluded coast of England into the chaotic intrigue of the royal courts. Ariadne Carfax has been promised to Ivor Chalfont since the two were children, however she sees him as more friend than lover and she gives her heart to Gabriel Fawcett. I had a hard time determining just who the hero was supposed to be in this story and thus felt a mixture of emotions when it came to Ari's feelings. I was confused as to which man I wanted to cheer for, both had their faults but also their redeeming qualities. If anything I think Ari's choices may have been questionable. This is my first book by this author and it will not be my last, I enjoyed her style and I believe that I would love her Regency romances. This is a great choice if you are looking for a historical love story full of obstacles and passion.

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