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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review: Why Lords Lose Their Hearts by Manda Collins

In Manda Collins's Why Lords Lose Their Hearts, Perdita, the widowed Duchess of Ormonde, keeps a dangerous secret—the truth of how her brutish husband died. But a mysterious avenger seems to know it, too, and when anonymous threats turn into public attacks, there’s only one friend she can turn to for help—her husband’s former secretary, Lord Archer Lisle. The man who witnessed her every heartache. The kind of man whose love she can only dream of …


The youngest of the Duke of Pemberton’s five sons, Lord Archer Lisle is used to waiting his turn. For years, he could only stand by, seething, as Perdita suffered at the hands of her husband, but now she’s under threat from another source—one who will stop at nothing to make her pay for the late duke’s death. But the good-natured Archer can be dangerous when crossed—and he’ll do anything to keep the woman he’s adored for so long safe in his arms…

Once again Manda Collins provides intrigue and romance in a fabulous historical setting. and once again her story is loaded with fantastic characters headed by an engaging lead couple. And once again backdrop of an amazingly serious situation is woven seamlessly throughout the story but does not add a dark depressing note, rather I once again found myself buoyed by the attitudes and optimism of the women forced to deal with brutish men. Perdita is such a strong heroine and I couldn't help but feel a connection to her and a genuine curiosity upon meeting her in a previous story. Archer's devotion to Perdita won me over from the beginning. Here is an intelligent, strong, capable man who will stop at nothing to keep the woman he loves safe. How could he not win me and the woman of his dreams? I find myself once again highly recommending a Manda Collins book!

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