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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire


This was a good book. For me it was confusing to start with. When the book started the author and talked about the circle and it took me to figure out that it was a fight ring. This book is suited for young adults. I loved how the author described the difference between vultures and pigeons. Vultures are the ones that are only around for a good time. They are not the ones that you would have a serious relationship with. Pigeons on the other hand are the ones that you would fight for because you know that it will be a lasting relationship.

The main characters Travis and Abby are both in the same college. Travis remembers what is mom told his before she died about Pigeons and Vultures. He also realizes that Abby is a Pigeon. Travis also knows that his reputation as a womanizer will come into play with his chances of winning Abby over. To win her over he suggests that they just be friends since her best friend is dating his cousin.

Abby is afraid to trust Travis but Travis is willing to do anything to let Abby realize that he is the right guy for her. They fights and arguments that these two have are so believable that it is like the author is writing from experience. To know that Travis finds and keeps his Pigeon is heart warming. The fact that Abby learns to trust Travis makes this book a great read!

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