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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Human Side by Heaven Liegh Eldeen


This was a good book about fallen angels. It is a continuation to The Demon Side. In this story the main characters already knew each other. Even though it is a contination the author does a wonderful job of making sure the reader is not totally lost.

We have Etta who is a human and Rahovart who is an angel. Even though Etta doesn’t remember Rahovart, he remembers her. He watches over her and tries to protect her even though she has guardians. When Rahovart is sent back to earth to keep a closer eye on Etta; and to prove that they were ment to be together he jumps at the chance.

He is accompanied by Gabriel when he returns to Earth. Gabriel and Ra try to find out what is allowing the demons to cross over and torment Etta with nightmares. They soon realize that a portal is opening allowing the demons to come to the human realm. It becomes a battle of good ad evil ad Ra tries to protect Etta and win her love.

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