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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rebecca's Lost Journals Volumes 1-4 by Lisa Renee Jones

Vol. 1 The Seduction

Rebecca's dream career was to work in a gallery, but instead she ended up working at a bar, after losing the one person she depended on, her mother. Now she suffers from horrific nightmares. She loves art...and she felt so lucky when she get an internship at a very popular gallery, along with a boss who looks like a sex God.

She can not help but shiver whenever he is she is finding out a lot about herself as well as him through a very intense seduction that is very hot and she isn't sure if she can handle it, and its only been 2 weeks! After her first time at being submissive with her boss, and "Master" Mark, the ball is now in her court on weather or not she wants to continue on and sign his agreement and become his completely....
Just reading the first volume of the journals and I am already wanting to get through the other ones. There is nothing wrong with exploring ones sexual interests and well it looks like right now Rebecca has no idea what she is going to do. For someone who is new to exploring BDSM this is definitely a book series you would want to read. As someone who has explored personally, Rebecca is going through exactly what I have when I first started.

Vol. 2 The Contract
In the beginning Rebecca starts looking over the contract and figuring out what her limits are, when it comes to what is listed as what Mark her soon to be "Master" is expecting from her. For several days she sits at the table looking at the contract and debates on weather or not she is going to give in or not. And since the ball is in her court she has to go to him, he wont come to her. Before she knows it, instead of dealing with the contract her "Master" begins to teach her the role of submission and begins lesson sessions...which turns her world upside down. Plus things are going extremely well for her at the Gallery. Now she needs to really figure out if she is going to sign the contract or not....

This second volume of Rebecca's journals is beyond impressive. You learn and feel more about how dominate Mark really is, and how he wants to try and push Rebecca's limits but always lets her know she has the out by using her safe word and everything will stop. Lisa Renee Jones is a remarkable writer and really knows how to get someone's imagination going. It also makes me realize that when it comes to exploring BDSM I am not alone in my own fears, worries and doubts.

Vol. 3 His Submissive

Rebecca thinks she is ready...but then realizes that may not after she receives her very first punishment. Her emotions are going out of control and she begins to wonder if she really is herself or not. She wants to be that girl again that doesn't need anyone's help, or protection let alone being taken care of. Mark is being very patient as much he wants her to be his...he knows she isn't. She has now seen a more softer side of him and she is now wondering how in the world did he get under her skin. He slowly begins to push her limits and begins the ultimate lesson to see weather or not she really is ready to give up her control and give it all to him.
HOT DAMN! I have no other words to really describe this volume of the journals. This one was definitely more intense and mind blowing than the first two. Honestly not surprised but I am also proud at how Rebecca is not only pushing herself but growing to realize that there is more to ones self than we know.

Vol. 4 My Master
 It seems we begin that its been 4 months and its now time to renew their contract. And as it seems there is a little bit of confusion going on. They are not completely open publicly, though a few know or suspect. Also she has been staying at his place instead of her own. Rebecca claims she has fallen in love with her Master Mark, but thinks he doesn't love her in return. She is wanting her freedom, she wants to be the women she was before all this started...she wanted more and was afraid she'd never get it with him.
I am not really to pleased at where these journal entries ended. Then again I predicted in my head a different turn of events. Also this one seemed to be way shorter than the others and I am quiet sad about it. But it gives me the "what happens next questions" running through my brain.

All and all, these were all very well writen and I must say Lisa is another author who is newly introduced to me that I am looking forward to following more and more. I have to giggle a little bit, being a girl from California and was raised in the Bay Area as a young girl...we called the "trolleys", "cable cars".  
                                                      Rating for all Volumes


  1. Great reviews of these awesome journals. We really so see Rebecca's most intimate thoughts and feelings and can empathize with her plight.

  2. Great reviews!! I loved volumes 1-3. I can't wait to read My Master and Being Me!!

  3. Thank you both so much! I absolutely loved these journals. I will be looking forward to reading If I Were You and Being Me :) Along with Master nice to see his point of view.

  4. Great reviews! These journals just draw you in. I can't wait to read the next one.