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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Aphrodite’s Embrace-by Julie Kenner

This is a super cute comic romance. Jenny’s mother just slayed me with her obsessive need to find her a Protector (superhero) husband, and not even trying to disguise her actions, and even when Jenny found a mortal man-she still didn’t stop her machinations. The love between the two was just as obvious as the frustration. Starbuck couldn’t have been a better choice for the both of them. He is not the arrogant obnoxious type that defines most of the Protectors that had so put her off, and of course her mother got the Protector son-in-law. Five hearts for the fun read.

Jennifer is a mortal working in the Mortal-Protector Liaison Office along with her mother Daphne. Daphne is constantly trying to set Jennifer up with or persuade her to date any one of the Protectors that come through the MLO, but Jenny just won’t have it. She just isn’t into the arrogance that just oozes off most Protectors. The latest scheme to set Jennifer up goes awry when Daphne’s new assistant, Starbuck, gets Jennifer off Daphne’s latest matchmaking hook by taking a chance and informing her that Jennifer had already agreed to go to the party with him. Jennifer is thrilled, Daphne, not so much. Starbuck is only mortal; at least that’s what everyone is supposed to believe. He’s actually working undercover to find the mole in the MLO that is feeding information to the Protectors arch enemy Hieronymous. While his cover allowed him to get closer to Jennifer whom he had instantly developed a crush on, but it also put him in a conundrum as Daphne is his main suspect. Starbuck has his work cut out for him in finding the true mole, and he has to find a way not to lose Jennifer when she finds out that he is actually a Protector not the
mortal she thought he was. 

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