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Friday, April 19, 2013

~~Jessica's Obsession-by Taabia Dupree~~

Reviewer ~ Tanna Clark
Wow-talk about a truly creepy character.  Taabia's Jessica certainly made my skin crawl.  This is a short read, but still entertaining. The brief nature of the story seemed to necessitate having Jessica's character flaws spelled out rather obviously and was kind of jarring at first.  At least until presented with some of her creepier actions. All in all a good story, and would benefit with some story expansion-maybe showing how Jessica is conniving rather than calling her a conniving child right of the start when really all the reader has seen of her so far is an embarrassed little girl with a crush.  Four hearts for Jessica's Obsession.
The story starts out in grade school with best friends Jessica and Lizzie Stone. That is of course where Jessica starts to crush on her best friends brother Tony-which turns into a full blown obsession, and with her dangerous quirks this means trouble for the Stone family.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, thanks for the review.

    You mentioned expansion of story; Jessica's Obsession is part of a series. It's book one in my Anthony Stone Series.

    I had to smile when you called her creepy. I call that a success!!!


    Thanks again, and I hope you read book two that will come out this May 2013. It will answer a lot of questions about Jessica.