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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reflection Point by Emily March

I loved loved LOVED this book. Did I say I loved it? I had never heard of the Eternity Springs series before I read this book. I know that I want to read the rest of the series because everyone needs a little hope and magic in their life.
After Savannah lost the last person she truly loved and could count on, she decided that she needed a fresh start and moved to Eternity Springs. She meets Zach when she is trying to lay her grandmother to rest. Savannah instantly hates Zach because of her past and the fact he is a cop.
Everyone tells Savannah that Eternity Springs is a magical healing place and Zach is a great guy. Savannah just wants to open her store and make a new life for herself. As time goes on Savannah begins to fall in love with the town and its residents, but is afraid because of her secret. When unexplainable events start to happen to Savannah, she and Zach realize that they have to trust each other past or no past.


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