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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nautier & Wilder by Lora Leigh and Jaci Burton

Nauti Siren
This book is another hit in the Nauti series!!! I will admit that I am usually worried when cousins or half siblings are introduced into a series. I had nothing to fear when reading this book. Lora Leigh managed to introduce Dawgs half sisters without loosing the feel of the Nauti series and I loved that.
This story is about Piper McKay and Jedediah Booker. Piper is Dawg’s half sister and he is very protective of his family. Enter Jed, he is staying at the Inn that the McKay’s own. Jed and Piper have been yearning for each other. Piper is an artist and she is afraid to let Jed to close to her for fear that he will be over protective like her brother. This doesn’t stop the sparks from flying between the two of them.
Jed doesn’t want Piper to go very far, he wants to protect her for fear of backlash from the bad guys after the McKay’s. Piper decides to sneak out one night because she has gotten the opportunity of a life time for a designer to look at her work. She heads to New York without telling anyone in the family. She goes and buys fabric and notions for some designs she has. Then she goes and meets the designer which almost turns out bad for her. She is so shaken that she goes back to her hotel room she is attacked and luckily the attacker is chased away by some other people. Jed is called to hospital to take care of her.
He takes her back to Kentucky and Dawg and his cousins find out about the attack and they are all pissed. Dawg knows that if they try to protect her they will all lose Piper. They all soon realize that when Piper rented the SUV in New York that she had gotten some gems mixed in with her notions.
The Nauti boys do what they do best and protect Piper with Jed’s help.


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