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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lover At Last by J.R. Ward


“With Qhuinn looking at him like that, he couldn’t remember his own name. Blaysox? Blacklock? Blabberfox?”  When I read this line I had to laugh.  This book was another hit in the Black Dagger series.   When I read these series, I could always feel the sexual tension between Qhuinn and Blaylock.

(spoiler alert)
There are so many details and mini storylines going on in this book that to actually tell you about it would be hard.  So I will focus on Qhuinn  and Blay.  That way you can read the story and find out about the others.

John Matthew and Qhuinn are out on patrol.  Qhuinn is John Matthews ashtruz nohtrum.  Meaning that he is Johns guard and he must always be with John. They stop and get snacks at the store. Two guys with a death wish decide to steal Qhuinns hummer.  They manage to track it down with the help of Rhage and Blay.  It is during this time that Blay realizes that Qhuinn is still on his suicide mission. Qhuinn gets injured when he tries to get his Hummer back.  He sees a little girl while he is hurt.  Blay and Qhuinn have been attracted to each other and were best friends before they transitioned.  They are both to pig headed to act on the mutual attraction.

The story continues with Selena the Chosen going into her needing.  Selena is really close with Qhuinn and asks him to service her because she wants a child.  Qhuinn agrees to this because he knows that there is no mate for him and he wants a child.  Blay feels that there is no chance for him when he finds out that Qhuinn and Selena are expecting a young one.  The problem is that Selena starts to miscarry.  Selena is a Chosen and they are NOT supposed to have sex.  This causes Phury who is the primale to get involved.  Qhuinn and Blay and Phury take Selena to Dr. Havers trying to help stop the miscarriage but they are unable.  When they return to the mansion Selena goes to her room realizing that it is only a matter of time before she looses the young completely  Blay doesn’t want his friend to be hurt anymore so he goes to Payne to see if there is something she can do to help.  Payne is able to stop the miscarriage because her mother is the scribe virgin, the one that brought all vampires into existence.

While out scouting for lessers Qhuinn discovers that the Omega has been keeping his brother alive.  Qhuinn thought that his whole family had been killed after they disowned him.  The Black Dagger Brotherhood remove Qhuinn as Johns protector and bring him into the fold as a brother. Qhuinn and Blay finally get together and realize that no matter what they have been there for each other.  Qhuinn arranges a mating ceremony to Blay knowing that they love each other and never want to be apart.  They both realize that when Selena has her young that they will be a mismatched family, to Blay like Qhuinns eyes absolutely perfect

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  1. I waited so long for this book and i loved it, i love Quinn and i was so happy for him and sad too, but i cant wait to find out about him and Laylas suprise.