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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Lost Husband by Katherine Center

Libby Moran gets a letter out of the blue from her crazy Aunt Jean, wanting to rescue her and her two children from her mother. Two years prior Libby lost her husband and wasn't sure what to do next. The letter also states there will be a job, and a place to live in the Texas Hill Country. Without thinking anymore about it, Libby packs her stuff, and kids into a minivan and hits the road.

Life isn't what she excepted it to be on her Aunt Jean's goat farm. Its deep country quietness makes this place mysterious and wonderful...she feels at peace. There is the shaggy, gruff, farm manager who hides behind his hair, has a tragic home life, then there is a formally famous store clerk who claim she can contact Danny "on the other side" , plus there is her Aunt she barely knows and is very eccentric. Libby comes to realize she is finding more and more about herself and her life. She seems to feel like she has found the place that feels like home and brings her the family she always felt she needed.

This book was a tear jerker that pulled out your heartstrings. You watch as this widow grows into herself as well as her children. There are secrets that are uncovered that throws many for a loop...then there is the romance between Libby and James O'Connor that grows from when they first meet till the ending. Katherine Center did a fabulous job in creating a world where you and tossed into a whirl wind of emotions and watch it become something truly amazing like it could and would happen in the real world.

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