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Monday, September 30, 2013

Once She was Tempted by Ann Barton

I love Regency romances for the fairy tale-like qualities and this story was such a winning combination of enchanted make-believe and genuine reality. From fancy ballrooms, to drawing rooms and an entertaining house party, the locations are everywhere I want to be. The Earl of Foxburn is so unlike the usual charming, amiable leading men of this time period and I found his sharp comments and repellent attitude actually make him more authentic, more endearing. Ben definitely needs some compassion and empathy but he doesn’t need pity and Daphne is just the woman to give him the loving attention he needs and have the backbone to stand up to his disparaging attitude. Daphne is such a kind-hearted yet headstrong woman. She will do anything for those she cares for and I believe I could not have asked for a more splendid ending to such a charming book. I have not read Belle’s story but I will definitely be picking it up and any other novel I can find written by this author. I loved the style, the setting the scenario and I especially enjoyed the characters and would love to see them all make reappearances in many more books to come.

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