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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kiss the Night Goodbye by Keri Arthur

Kiss the Night Goodbye is a great ending to an amazing series. It starts with Nikki and Jake trying to become members of The Circle. To become a member of The Circle Nikki must first pass all of their tests, but a traitor has infiltrated the ranks and is trying to kill Seline and Michael. In-between these test she has to plan her and Michael's wedding and to make matters worse her powers seem to be growing. In an attempt to find the traitor Michael is kidnapped, a vampire has kidnapped him so that he can bring his brother back from the dead. The vampire demands that Seline come to him but instead Nikki is sent in disguise. When Nikki goes she finds Michael with no memory of who she is.
In this book Nikki really show how strong she is and Keri Arthur proves once again that she is a consistent writer as even at book four the plot fits smoothly together. The characters have progressed consistently with Nikki and Michael who used to be to very different people making an exceptional team in this novel.

This is a perfect ending to a great series, you will finish this book think well done Ms Arthur, I can't wait to begin reading her next series.

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