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Friday, November 9, 2012

There's Something About Lady Mary by Sophie Barnes

Mary Croyden is living a simple life, and likes it. When she inherit’s a large sum of money and a title, it all changes. Mary is now forced to navigate high society, Mary finds someone to rely on in helping her…Ryan Summersby. Trying very hard not to lose her sense of self, she realizes Ryan’s the only person she can trust. Mary’s hobbies are not exactly proper, as Ryan starts to discover that this miss is not all what he had expected…but may just be exactly what he needs.

Absolutely one of the best drama romances I have ever read. You learn that Mary’s life isn’t as simple as she thinks and you see the struggle of her coming into her new title while trying to stay true to herself. While Ryan is trying to learn compromise when it comes to Mary. Sophie Barnes brought that time period to life when it comes to women in a man’s society and there was never a dull moment. If you are into 19th century culture then pick up this book and find somewhere to hide cause you’ll never want to put this down


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