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Friday, November 23, 2012

Oceans Kiss-by JT Cheyanne

J.T. CheyanneLove-love-loved it! JT Cheyanne packs an enchanted punch with this short story and I look forward to hopefully being able to read many more works by this author. Generally I don't enjoy short stories as much as full lenght novels, but Cheyanne does a fantastic job of helping the reader get to know her characters and their situation as well as giving the feeling of knowing time passing even though she gives up much of the "filler" material to make it a short story she leaves out nothing that is absolutely necessary. Though to tell the truth, I really wish it was just one of those very abbreviated versions sent to publishers to get them to want to read the whole novel. I don't feel like it was actually missing anything; I just would have enjoyed spending more time with her characters. Definitely a 5 star read.

Seven year old Devan McDaniel catches the biggest break of her young life when a family vacation takes her to the Atlantic where she discovers the power that the ocean has over the mysterious debilitation that robs her of all senses. When ever she submerges herself within the salty depths she is returned to a world of coordination, feeling, and color. The only catch... its only a short term fix and she has to be sure to return to it's healing depths extremely regularly. So without hesitation her mother and father pull up roots and move to the coast.
One day while she is getting her daily fix she comes upon three dolphins whom she decides to call the Furies. They quickly befriend her and usually join her as soon as she hits the water every day.

Once Dominic Cole had retired from his career as an Elite SEAL he settled down in FL where planned to spend the majority of his time doing exactly the thing he loved the most-living in the ocean. Now Dominic is able to spend as much time as he likes in the ocean because he has snagged his dream job working as a marine biologist.

As luck would have it a mutual friend Sets Dominic and Devan up on a blind date. This is great for Devan and Dominic, because they can both explore their mutul love of the ocean and now she has someone who can teach her to dive and he gets to spend plenty of time with the enchanting beauty. That is until Dominic's SEAL past comes back to haunt him...


  1. Thank you! I so appreciate you taking the time to read my book and provide a review. I'm excited that you enjoyed Devan and Dominic's story, they were a joy to write. Jalen is bouncing around in my head right now wanting his HEA and Malachi is up on the block next. He seems to be a favorite with readers. Now, I can get back to work with a smile on my face. Thank you!