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Friday, November 16, 2012

Rev it Up by Julie Ann Walker

Jake Sommers “The Snake” earned his SEAL codename by striking with lethal force, quickly and quietly. He also broke Michelle Carter’s heart that exact same way. He only did it to keep her safe,--from him. Jake is determined four years later to try and get a second chance. But he realizes to get back into Michelle’s loving arms, he’s got to prove that he can take things real slow…

SHE AIMS TO MAKE HIM BEGMichelle Cater never forgave Jake for being cliché as to “love her and leave her.” When her brother who is head of the Black Knights elite ops agency, pisses off the wrong mobster, she’s got to do the unimaginable…putting her life back into Jake’s hands. Others my call him cold-blooded but she knows better. Once he is wrapped around her heart, he doesn’t plan to ever let her go…

Jaw dropping! Julie Ann Walker is an author I was just introduced to and well I am now hooked. If you are into a man in a uniform, and romance then this is definitely a book you need to pick up. These characters jump off the pages and I love how their situations are so surreal when it comes to what they go through could actually happen in everyday life. I will be personally recommending this book to all my book worm friends, and I recommend others pick it up as well.

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