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Friday, November 23, 2012

Sudden Breakaway-by Jessica Subject

Sudden Breakaway is a 1Night Stand romantic short. It is about a woman named Paige Brown who is a headhunter for a top secret space agency that deals with the relationship between the aliens on other planets and Earth. When Paige signed her lifetime contract with her husband she thought she would always have his support, but when an accident happens that leaves him stranded on another planet he bails on her by hooking up with one of the aliens on that planet and serves her with divorce papers. Now she's on her own and doesn't really have the heart to continue pulling people into the organization, and of course it doesn't help that the last several recruiting missions have been a complete bust. Well not completely a bust as the last man she was sent to recruit, Jared, has given her plenty to fantasize over. But considering the fact that he has shut down all effort to recruit him; she will probably never see him again, and thus can't get an outlet for the overwhelming lust that he has thrown her into. Inspiration hits when she contacts Madam Eve of the 1Night Stand agency to set up one night of no strings attached sex.

The story started out really strong and I was digging the characters, but interest waned pretty quickly when the sex scene was over in pretty much one paragraph and then the author decided to focus more on the happily ever after rather than the heat of a the 1Night Stand philosophy. It may have flowed a little better for me if she had put what happened after the date night scene before the date night and ended it with the bang... : ) so to speak. It was still a decent read though, and would be good for those that don't care for intense erotic scenes in their books. Overall I would rate it a 3.5


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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review Sudden Breakaway.