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Friday, November 2, 2012

Cold Stone Charade by Kathleen Royce

Alexandra Stone, was born into a family of immense wealth and challenges her legacy by leading a double life as an international superstar. She is stunned to find out a teenage nemesis is now responsible for the hounding reporters and she can’t escape them. There’s so many lies between them, could she keep track of them all?

An ex-special ops commander Ty Philips has been called to handle a threat of rustlers, suspecting Maximillion wants him to deal with his spirited granddaughter. But he decides to launch his very own mission to get her into his bed only if its temporary. The danger to the ranch and her jeopardizes everything, so does his conscience at the fact he’s seducing the boss’ granddaughter yet again.

Now they are trying to rekindle the passion from their past, setting ablaze a new raging path for them both in the present. Both are afraid their own personal secrets could ruin what they have, causing it to blow up in their faces. Can they handle this inferno and the possible consequences of igniting it?

I absolutely love this story! We all wonder what it would be like to live a double life. Normal to the world and then having a side of you that everyone knows. And I know all of us women want nothing more than to be with our “high school sweetheart” or that one guy who got away. If your love romance and wonder how Alex and Ty managed the secrets they both hid from each other then find a quiet, secluded place, and begin to read. I know once you read the first page you wont be able to put the book down and if you do then you’ll be thinking about what is happening next.

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  1. So true! This was a real page turner. Lots of fun to read.