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Friday, November 23, 2012

The Last Man-by Cheryl Dragon

Cover for 'The Last Man'The Last Man is a yummy 1 Night Stand erotic short about two family court lawyers who though are always on opposing sides of the courtroom have struck up a relationship of sorts. The problem Jeff wants to resolve is that it is purely platonic and that is the way Monica intends to keep it no matter how bright the sparks between them. That is, until they win tickets for the 1 Night Stand agency run by Madame Eve-who always seems to know just how to make a match. Can Monica let go of her reservations caused by all of the duds in her past to see Jeff for the truly great guy he is?

Loved it! The book had a great flow. The background fit in with the build up and the steamy scenes were plentiful and detailed to perfection. Great short read-5 stars all the way ;)

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