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Thursday, June 14, 2012

~~Wicked Nights-by Gena Showalter~~


Eeeeeee!!! Gena Showalter has started a new spin-off series called Angels of the Dark!!! *Spinning off of Lords of the Underworld* We all know how well she conquered the the Underworld with her *Hot Hot Hot* Lords of the Underworld series. Now she has taken over the Heavens with her Angels of the Dark series, and oh baby she does it soooo well. *sigh* As always there is no shortage of hunky males, humor, action, and steam. The main characters, Zacheral *Angel Warrior* and Annabelle *Demon marked human* play off each other really well, and are just made for each other.

Zacharel is the leader of one of his Deity's most powerful armies, and the torments he has endured have turned his frozen his emotions and turned his heart to ice. However the ruthlessness that makes him and his army so powerful has their Deity at his wits end. They kill any and all demons that may cross their path paying no heed to the human possessing the demon, not caring to try to save them. So Zacharel and his army are on their last chance and have one year to change their brutal ways or he and his army will fall.

Annabelle is a human who has garnered the attentions of a very powerful demon Lord. That demon Lord has marked her as his and killed her parents, framing her for their murders, and has spent the last four years in a mental institution for the criminally insane where she has had to fight off the demons who were sent to torment her, as well as the advances forced on her by her own doctor.

When Zacharel and his army are sent to the institution to rid it of the demon hoard waiting to breach its walls he decides to find out why they are so intent upon the place. When one of the minions lead him to the woman shackled to a gurney, he finds himself unable to turn away from her plight and is cannot deny the emotions roiling through him he thought were long dead.

You can visit Gena's official fan-site for more of her awesomeness at

Wicked Nights, the first in the new Lords of the Underworld spin-off, Angels of the Dark, hits stores June 26hth! 

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