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Monday, June 18, 2012

Blue Cruise-by Liz Crowe

Blue Cruise is a well written short m/m romance story. Liz was able to pack quite the emotional roller coaster in this quick and easy read about having found love, losing it through tragedy, and having to heal and move on afterward. Caleb's loss managed to jerk a tear or two from me, and Adem's healing love gave me hope.

         Tragedy strikes when, Tarken, the love of Caleb's life is taken from him just weeks before his commission in the army is over, and two years later Caleb has yet to recover. So Elle- Caleb's boss, best friend and wife to Tarken's twin brother decides to take matters into her own hands trying to start him on his healing path and signs him up for a 1night stand Blue Cruise in Turkey. When Caleb finally relents and accepts the vacation he is hit with a plast from the past and the man who just may be able to help him heal.

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